When life gives you lemons….

When life gives you lemons….

When life gives you lemons….

“Road to the Lemon Grove”

Starring Burt Young (Rocky), Nick Mancuso (Ticket to Heaven), Rossella Brescia (Italian TV star and Italy's Prima Ballerina), Charly Chiarelli (Sicilian "Spalding Grey"), Loreena McKennitt (Multi-Platinum Recording Artist) and Tomaso Sanelli (Titans). 

Take the Road Trip of a Lifetime - See Trailer

“My Big Fat Italian Funeral.”

Beloved academy award nominated actor.

as Zio Vincenzo


as Guido Pescari

Genie Award Winner, Ticket to Heaven, Under Siege, Rapid Fire


Italian TV superstar, model and Italy’s Prima Ballerina.

as Maria Miosogno


as Antonio and Calogero

(father and son)

Comedic writer, masterful storyteller. 

Hailed as the Sicilian Spalding Grey.


as young Calogero

Rising young star, currently being courted by A-List producers and directors through the industry.


as the Voice of God

Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum international recording artist.


The Team

Director – Dale Hildebrand – With over 50 international film festival wins and nominations - from best picture to best director, best cinematographer, three Gemini nominations, and a Gemini win, Dale has filmed in environments ranging from the war zones of Afghanistan, to the plains of Africa, to sacred Indigenous cultures around the world. 

Director of Photography – Johnny Askwith V-Wars, Star Trek, Designated Survivor. Johnny, an in-the-trenches, make-thing-happen kind of guy, no matter the budget or magnitude. Johnny’s creativity resonates with rich imagery that entices the imagination.

Writers – Dale Hildebrand & Charly Chiarelli – Together they examine the fascinating true stories of the immigrant experience, while paralleling today’s cultural volatility, taking us on a hilarious yet heartfelt journey.

Musicians – Scored by Claudio Vena, featuring Dominic Mancuso, Rita Chiarelli, Roberto Bolelli, Fabio Tricomi & Raffaele Schiavo – These multi Juno and Gemini award winning musicians from Canada and Sicily collaborated to make one of the most powerful soundtracks of Italian-influenced music – ranging from mystical 12th century chants, 8th century Islamic-Sicilian infused folk songs, to the 20th century spaghetti-western colourings of Ennio Morricone. Together, they create a soundscape through time, painting a vivid collage of storied history.

Special Effects Makeup – Charles Porlier – Emmy Award Winning makeup artist and one of the top special effects makeup artists in the world, joined the team in between doing the makeup on Steven Spielberg’s BFG and Albert Hughes’ Alpha. Together with prosthetics sculptor Michael Nickiforek (The Revenant), Charles aged our lead actor with a 5 1⁄2 hour prosthetics session each day before filming began. With over 250 FX shots, Charles delivered nothing short of perfection.

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